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Ebis Next Generation ID Limited (ENGID), is a company registered with Company House UK, in February 2016, and since then it has specialized in research and study, in the financial and banking world, with particular attention to innovative technology and its application to global markets. ENGID, over the years, has extended the fields of knowledge in the creation of smart cities, waste to energy, interacting with various governments and their respective institutions, and identifying common problems, which have helped ENGID, specialize in key technologies such as cybersecurity, digital identity, digital currencies, AI, machine learning, quantum computing, big data, decentralized finance, up to the realization of the EbisBank brand. ENGID proposes itself to the market as an innovative company serving citizens, governments, related institutions and agencies, with the launch of EbisBank services by December 2022.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they
can change the world are the ones who do.”

EbisBank Tech

EbisBank has built the Next Generation On-Boarding Digital ID technology behind the scenes. EbisBank gives access to a dedicated decentralized digital currency which can be utilized universally. EbisBank gives to the users the next generation of Social business hub with full verified user experience to secure the top business platform with unique way to trade.- Digital ID for On-boarding user no third parties involved
- FX Multicurrency account with virtual card instant payment and dedicated digital currency
- Unique Private Social Business Platfrom with total true dealer reputation

EbisBank Tech

Digital ID

Next Generation Digital identity, DNA and biometric solutions to governments, public authorities and private entities in the fields of civil identity and Public Security:
ID/VISA set up and renewal, Drive license set up and renewal, health & insurance, business set up, amend, renewal, Online Education, Salary and retired payments from Government to Citizens and its employee, Green Digital Passport, traveler COVID 19 health complete records, contactless baggage on board and delivery


Big data is going to be the driving force for all on the earth. Our quantum system guarantees instantaneous data transfers, applicable to Government entities and their institutions, in particular Banks, with high reliability, traceability and without the use of the internet.


Next Generation Infrastructure Communication unique communication. Transfer big data payments borderless and Internetless. We are patenting the Next way to communicate at a higher standard of


An alternative platform with the vital function of artificial intelligence programmed and managed by highly skilled humans.
Cutting-edge technology in continuous evolution in a constant process of learning and understanding security issues in order to be able to counter them before they become critical, a continuous and constant intelligence activity in defence of your data and information.



Ebis Next Generation ID Limited is a company registered under the United Kingdom Company House with Nr.10025832. This page it is a demo and a Sandbox for onboarding. EbisBank is a brand and we are not offering payment solutions nor digital banking, we do not open bank accounts all materials are only to introduce our services once we will get regulation locally and internationally. 2022 All rights reserved